Snacks to your Workplace

Stacks of Snacks deliver, maintain and refresh a wide range of different snacking options for your workplace. We have a wide range of snacking options, from health and health bar lines, chocolates, lollies and chips.


Have your snack box refilled and refreshed on a timetabled regular basis. With the added feature of a FREE CALL number for immediate service if needed

Excellent Quality

Wide product range from Australia’s leading manufacturers Mars Chocolate, Mondelez (Cadbury), Nestle, Arnotts, Sunshine Coast Snack Company, JC’s, Go Natural, Carmens and Majans

Fast Delivery

With a fleet of refrigerated delivery vehicles Stacks of Snacks can provide fast and efficient service for your snacking needs

Hassle Free

Stacks of Snacks take full responsibility for the box, contents and cash. This is the risk free means of having snacks at your workplace


With snacks delivered, serviced and maintained in your workplace, it provides a wide range of snacking options, with no effort, or risk to you


Every snack contributes to the great work of Lifeline, with Crisis Support & Suicide Prevention

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