Question And Answers

Why would a STACKS OF SNACKS snack box be an asset at our workplace?

You can have a extremely well presented snack box, filled with high quality well known health, chocolate, lolly, or chip products, at your workplace at no initial or ongoing cost to the business.

What products do you stock?

We stock well known products from Kraft, Mars Chocolate, Nestle, Arnott’s, Smiths Chips, Snack Brands Australia and Sunshine Coast Snack Company.

How much do the products cost?

EThe price charge depends on the type of snack box that you have. Prices range from $0.80 to $3.00 each.

I like the idea of having a snack box, but I don't want to be held responsible for the box and its contents?

Thats fine, because STACKS OF SNACKS takes full and complete responsibility, for every box, its contents and monies.

I'm not sure that it will work here at our workplace?

What you can do is have the box for a four week no obligation trial. If at the end of that trial period you would like to keep it that would be fine. Also if you felt that the box was not suitable for you, we would happily remove it for you, at no cost.

Why are the boxes branded with both the Stacks of Snacks and Lifeline Australia names and logos?

STACKS OF SNACKS are contracted by Lifeline Australia to place these boxes in workplaces throughout Australia. Lifeline Australia receive a payment for every piece of chocolate, chips, lolly or health product purchased.

But what happens if we place the box at our workplace and no one buys any?

In the unlikely event that you have a workplace where no one eats snacks, we would after a trial period, thank you for your support and assistance and relocate the box to another location.

But what happens if no one pays for the snacks that they take?

STACKS OF SNACKS takes full responsibility for the box and all of its contents. We work under the premise that “no one ever steals from us, people just occasionally forget to pay.” If we found that the box was not successful for us, we would thank you for your kind support of the box and relocate it to another site. There would be no cost to you or your workplace for this.

I know that if I ask the boss to have the snack box, he will say that we have had something like this before and it didn't work?

Your employer / supervisor may have had a form of honor box at some other stage, but our professional presentation, quality products, Lifeline Australia contributions and regular and frequent service, enable us to be unlike any other box he / she may have had in the past. If he / she is still not sure, please try us for a four week trial and see for yourself.

Where is the catch in all of this? It seems to good to be true?

Having a snack box at your workplace filled with quality products, serviced on a regular basis by professional service agents, whilst being under no obligation is indeed a great offer. It is a win/win for everyone involved.